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What is the Patent Documentation Group?

The Patent Documentation Group (PDG), registered in Switzerland, is a non-profit organisation consisting of research driven companies which utilise scientific, technical, patent and other intellectual property related information for their business. 

The major advantages and benefits of PDG membership can be found on the website.



The PDG, was founded in 1957 as a working group by thirteen European chemical and petrochemical companies, seeking to promote the effective and efficient use of patent information. It currently comprises 40 multinational companies from ten different countries engaged in a variety of activities ranging from the heavy automotive, engineering and petrochemical industries through to the high technology chemical, electronics, household / personal care products and life science disciplines. In the over 50 years since its conception, the organisation has developed and grown to a point where it now enjoys an unrivalled reputation in Europe as an indispensable partner in all efforts aimed at raising the quality as well as the enhancement of patent information .



The contribution of the PDG to the new WIPO Standard ST 27 is described in an article in World Patent Information Volume 52 (March 2018) by Peter Kallas (chair of the working group IMPACT).


Upcoming Meetings

EPO East meets West 19-20 April 2018 (Vienna, Austria)

PDG WG IMPACT meeting 23-24 April 2018 (Vienna, Austria)

EPO Search Matters 23-25 April 2018 (The Hague, Netherlands)

PDG Annual Members Conference 24-25 May 2018 (Munich, Germany)

PDG WG ONLINE meeting 6-7 September 2018 (Stuttgart, Germany)

CEPIUG 10° Year Anniversary Conference  9-11 September 2018 (Milano, Italy)

EPO Patent Information Conference 12-14 November 2018 (Brussels, Belgium)

World Patent Information Journal - Special Subscription Offer for PDG Members


For information on Elsevier's attractive offer to PDG members for a private subscription to the journal - World Patent Information

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