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Information Suppliers and User Groups


This section lists some of the suppliers of patent information together with links to their press releases or associated news services on the internet.  The presence or absence of a particular supplier in this list does not mean that the PDG endorses or otherwise recommends a particular supplier.   In addition, we have also listed the web addresses of user groups active in the patent and information areas. 

The PDG does not take any responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of the information supplied by any of the organisations listed here or for any actions or damages resulting from direct or indirect use of data emanating from these suppliers.


Chemical Abstracts Services, major supplier of chemical information (both in electronic form and on paper).

Corporate News from CAS:

Derwent Information Ltd., major provider of scientific and patent information with added value (both in electronic form and on paper), now part of IP division of Clarivate Analytics

News from Clarivate Analytics:

host organisation, originally owned by Thomson Reuters and now part of ProQuest, with a diversified field of databases in technical and economic/commercial areas.

News from Dialog/Proquest:

German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA)

DPMA News:

European Patent Office.(EPO)

EPO Updates:


Minesoft develops searchable databases, alert management, archive and document delivery systems, specialising in the retrieval, storage and distribution of patent information.

Minesoft Newsroom:

host organization which offers on-line service, mainly of technical, scientific and patent databases.

News from FIZ Karlsruhe:

host organisation, belongs to France Telecom, strong in Intellectual Property databases.

News (Services and Interfaces):

US Patent and Trademark Office


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

WIPO News:

  World Patent Information Journal 
This journal, published by Elsevier, is one of the leading publications in the area of patent information and documentation.

Subscription offer for PDG members
Access to sample issue of World Patent Information


User Groups active in the Information Area 


CEPIUG - Confederacy of European Patent Information User Groups

P-D-R  -  Pharma Documentation Group

PIUG - Patent Information Users Group 

WON -  Working Group for Patent Information in The Netherlands