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PDG Board

The Board is the executive authority of the PDG and defines its course of action. It is obliged to implement the decisions of the Members' Conference. It is also responsible for the selection, appointment and supervision of the Secretary General and for the smooth operation of the PDG in general.

The Board has a minimum of five and a maximum of nine members, who are elected by the Main Delegates, usually at the Annual Member's Conference for a term of four years, which can be extended once. The Board elects a President (currently Gerard van der Ligt of Philips) and a Vice-President (currently Torsten Gerber of Robert Bosch ) from its members.

Although the Working Groups play a vital role, much of the high level contact with major patent information providers takes place by correspondence or by dedicated meetings with their senior management and policy makers. The PDG participants are usually Main Delegates or other senior Member Company representatives with responsibility for patent and / or information departments. Such meetings and contacts have a high success rate in terms of end results.

The Board has the responsibility to initiate and lead strategic discussions with patent offices and external partners of the PDG through regular dialogue with, and feedback from, the Main Delegates. The Board encourages active participation by Member Companies in the various Working Groups and the Annual Members' Conference and aims to foster a culture of cooperation in the decision-making process and communication within the PDG. The day-to-day management of the office of the PDG is done by the Secretary General (at present Bettina de Jong) who also deals with all official communications with external partners.