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Annual Members' Conference

The PDG Main Delegates attend an annual one and a half day conference hosted by one of the Member Companies, which is carefully prepared to yield maximum benefit to the participants. The Annual Members' Conference is the highest authority that decides on official matters concerning the internal organisation and the external relations of the PDG. These may include changes to the PDG Statutes, admission of new members and election of Board Members. Every Member Company has one vote, which must be exercised by their authorised representative. The members usually meet within the first six months of the year, to agree on the accounts of the past year, the final budget for the current year and the provisional budget for the coming year and to re-assess the membership fee. The conference is also the occasion for the election and discharge of the Board Members and the Secretary General from their duties during the previous year. The Main Delegates are required to review and assess the proposals recommended by the Board, as well as the actions planned by the Working Groups.
The second day of the meeting is dedicated to presentations and discussions on current topics when it is customary to invite eminent speakers from outside the PDG to address important issues.

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